Egregore of DOUBT

Don’t know what is an egregore or a thoughtform yet? Start here!

Before reciting your egregore, it is important to ground yourself. The best way to do it is to do a short 2-3 minutes meditation with your eyes closed. Above there is an ideal meditation video to achieve it.

Once started, mentally focus as you inhale, as if you are sucking light from above your head at the same time. Then breathe out slowly, imagining that you are blowing light through your whole body that will come out through your feet. Make sure to really feel your feet, grounded to the earth. This is the way to connect between the Universe and Gaïa, our Mother Earth.

Only focus on one egregore per day, don’t spread your energy everywhere. You can repeat the egregore as many as you want during your session, it will give more power to it.

When you feel ready, recite your egregore out loud with firm intention:

I order the positive magnetic charge, corresponding to the negative magnetic charge of the egregore of DOUBT, to set in now. I order the egregore of DOUBT to be to Point Zero now, in all times and all dimensions!

Claim your 20 aethers reward by entering “completed” in the comment/reward section below. You will be automatically granted aethers each time you recite your egregore and mark it as “completed”. The total number of comments indicates how powerful we influenced it and how many times we did it. To share personnal comments or the effects you felt while reciting this egregore, join the group and forum of the egregore of DOUBT instead.

You Are Not Alone in This!

We are all connected to many egregores, whether we are aware of it or not. Keep in mind that the egregore of DOUBT will be on forever. You can always influence it if you wish a positive change in your life or when you feel the need of it. Don't stay alone on your side, connect with the others, a positive force is rising!

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You want to exchange with others about the effects you do feel in your life after recited the egregore of DOUBT? Join the forum of this egregore and see what others feel!

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Have fun while making the world a better place

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