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What are EGREGORES and how to get depolarized from them

An egregore is a bit like a large energetic cloud that forms when many people vibrate at the same frequency … So, the more there are, the more powerful the egregore is. It has already been said, what we do, think, wish, etc… is energy. So, if a large number of people think and vibrate that we have to “hold on”, the “hold on” egregore will grow bigger and stronger. Then all the people connected to it are going to go through situations in their lives that will require them to “hold on”, and they will continue to feed and be tied to this specific egregore. Another example, Nazi ideology was once one of the most powerful, negative, and destructive egregores.

Our mind is one of the most powerful tools in this reality. This is time more than ever to use it collectively in a coordinated way, for peace.

There are a lot of egregores, just to name a few, the egregore of lack, the egregore of fear, or the egregore of hate. They are like subtle matter balls, floating above us and pulling strings on every one of us. Some are more influenced by it while others are less. The beauty of the thing, even if they are autonomous entities, we can also pull strings on egregores and influence their energies, by activating the Point Zero.

The Point Zero in our electro-magnetic reality

We live in a binary world, in a world of duality. The positive could not exist without the negative, and vice versa. We can now all see it very clearly, the world is more polarized than ever. Wherever you are looking at, there are two opposing forces struggling for balance. By making an intention to the Point Zero, we allow the positive and negative poles to coexist in the same space, in a circular whole, like the two poles of a magnet that creates a magnetic field. The Point Zero is an experience in which we choose to simultaneously embrace the negative and positive aspects of our experiences. If you are polarized to any of the two poles, your consciousness is stuck with it, just like your mind. On the other side, if you are not polarized, your consciousness is floating in the magnetic field between these two forces, allowing your mind to manifest consciously whatever you want in this reality.

The Point Zero formulation

Keep always in mind that you are not asking for the Point Zero, you ordering it to be. The truth is that you are in full control of your own magnetism, while the common way of thinking states that you are not and you are only “victim” of it. The negative things you attract are because of you and the positive things you attract are because of you. If you are in a bad mindset, for any reason, it is not the fault of your neighbor, it comes from you, period. Also, whatever the scale, it will be always the same. The negative things a nation attracts are because of it and the positive things a nation attracts are because of it.

Fortunately, the Point Zero is a powerful tool accessible to everyone to adjust his mindset accordingly to his will. Do not underestimate it, everyone doing it with conviction and consistency feels tangible changes in his life.

Here is an example of the formulation if you would like to be depolarized from the egregore of ADDICTION.

When you feel ready, repeat it in loops out loud with firm intention, for a few minutes each day:

I order the positive magnetic charge corresponding to the negative magnetic charge of the egregore of ADDICTION, to set in now. I order the egregore of ADDICTION to be to Point Zero now, in all times and all dimensions!

If you think, just this? You are more than normal but yes, just this. Don’t let your brain or rationality get control over you and discourage you to make it. This is why you must always recite it out loud with firm intention. If you are not even able to do this so simple thing, it is another proof that you are still more polarized and prisoner to this egregore than you thought. The other point is consistency. It has been proven that repeating a new habit for at least 21 consecutive days can then be taken for granted, both mentally and physically.

We Are All Connected

We are all connected to many egregores, whether we are aware of it or not. Keep in mind that ALL EGREGORES will always be here on YumilitY! You can always influence any of them if you want a significant change or to break a pattern in your life. Don't stay alone on your side, connect with the others, do it for you and for World Peace! Stay optimist, a new era is beginning!


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