Member briefing note weekly summary: March 8, 2022

Audience: All members and officers

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Russia - Ukraine war update

Civils are not fighters

Under international law, civilians cannot be targeted in any way. We call on the Russian forces to leave the corridors open for humanitarian aid and allow the possibility of fleeing to safe areas. We update the site regularly with new resources and information. Have a question? Visit the FAQ page.

Platform tips

How to create your Peacekeeper avatar

By default when you create your account, you have a random profile picture. To create your own avatar with the YumilitY logo, you must go to your PROFILE and click CREATE AVATAR. You will be able to choose the sex of your avatar, the physical features as well as the clothing, including the beret. Once done, you will have your Peacekeeper avatar ready to serve with YumilitY.

How to change your Peacekeeper name

We recommend using an alias for your peacekeeper name because the goal is not to be the center of attention but to serve the cause with YumilitY. The goal is also to ensure a certain form of anonymity to our members coming from countries where freedom of expression is less present. To change your Peacekeeper name to display on platform, go on your PROFILE / EDIT / PEACEKEEPER NAME.

The correct format for your Peacekeeper name is a LAST NAME followed by 3 NUMBERS of your choice. Do not use a first name, just a last name ( Ex: Einstein358 ). This way with your rank in front of your name, other users will see you as Sergeant Einstein358 (if Sergeant is your current rank).

Go to the FAQ page to know more about YumilitY and to ask your questions to members. 



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