What will it takes to end the war in Ukraine?

Is this just a song or wishful thinking? Are these just words or is it prophecy? Is humanity capable of achieving sustainable, everlasting peace?

I say YES, and the time is NOW.

You can’t say that there has been a lack of declarations and resolutions on peace:1948: Universal Declaration of Human Rights1978: Declaration on the Preparation of Societies for Life in Peace1984: Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace1999: Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace2011: The Bruxelles Declaration, “Pledge to Peace”2016: Annex to Declaration on the Right to Peace2018: The Global Resolution for the Establishment of Infrastructures to Support the Culture of Peace (not a United Nations resolution)

In 1984, the year I arrived in New York, the United Nations General Assembly, by resolution 39/11, adopted the Declaration of the Right of Peoples to Peace, in which United Nations Member States solemnly proclaimed that the peoples of our planet had a sacred right to peace.

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Written by SergeantGirardo356

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