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👉 Tips for Being a Good Peacekeeper with YumilitY


  • We all have personal opinions. Share your personal opinion only if it serves peace, otherwise adapt what you have to say to reach this objective.
  • Do not take any side and respect each parties’ position.
  • Try to find a common ground between parties involved.
  • Have trust in your role as a Peacekeeper and do not abuse or misuse YumilitY platform.
  • Name and talk directly to decisional persons concerned, with respect, integrity, and good intentions trying to defuse an issue.
  • Respect the law of the land of the host country where the issue occurs and do not invite anyone to break these laws.
  • Think, talk, and write in a manner befitting the dignity of a disciplined, mature, respected and trusted Peacekeeper, displaying the highest integrity and impartiality.


  • Choose SOLO or TEAM WORK format to address the issue.
  • Preview your post to make sure it looks good.
  • Share your posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and with your friends.


  • Select the category accordingly with this Solo format.

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