The zero point is a magnetic experience!

By making an intention at the zero point, we allow the positive and negative poles to coexist in the same space, like the two poles of a magnet, to simply create a magnetic field. The positive and negative parts coexist in a circular whole. It is an experience in which we choose to simultaneously embrace the negative and positive aspects of our experiences. In the same way, we can positively influence the egregore of racism for example, to put it at zero point, a perfect balance between the positive charge and the negative charge.

We live in a binary world, in a world of duality. The positive could not exist without the negative, and vice versa. So to come back to the example of the egregore of racism, we must not ask that it be eliminated, we must rather ask that it be at zero point, to limit as much as possible its negative manifestations in our earthly reality.

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