Main purpose

The Neutrons on the website are used to make users gain higher ranks. This makes it easy for casual users to see who are the most active members who demonstrate the most leadership. As the community and platform will grow, members who will have higher ranks will have access to additional features, such as being able to create private groups or create group pages for example.


The way it works

Members automatically receive Neutrons by completing certain actions on the platform that give Neutrons in return. Attached is the list of complete actions.


Actions list

10 Neutrons for Your Registration (limit of 1 time total)

25 Neutrons for New Profile Avatar Upload (limit 1/month)

25 Neutrons for New Profile Cover Upload (limit 1/month)

25 Neutrons for New Friendships (no limit)

25 Neutrons for joining a group (no limit)

30 Neutrons for adding a submission (no limit)

40 Neutrons for Publishing Your Wish (no limit)

20 Neutrons for New Comment  (limit 1/post and 10/day)

5 Neutrons for Daily Visits (limit 1/day)

5 Neutrons for creating a new topic in forums (limit 4/day)

2 Neutrons for forum reply (no limit)

1 Neutron for adding topic to favourite (no limit)

225 Neutrons for Your Membership Anniversary

100 Neutrons for sharing a post with a social media button (limit 2/day)


Version 1.0 – Effective date January 1st 2022